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Combating Stress During This Pandemic

Updated: Apr 11



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It’s April 22, 2020, and today marks the first day of Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (CIAW), which helps bring awareness and unite the 1 in 6 Canadians struggling to build their families.

Anyone can be affected by infertility, no matter what race, religion, sexuality, or economic status.

We need to get the conversation started and remove the stigma surrounding the fertility struggles that so many couples are facing.

This week is also about providing support for all of those couples who have had their fertility treatments put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) has recommended all new IVF and IUI cycles stop. At this time we are uncertain about when these cycles will resume, which doesn’t help reduce the stress levels for those waiting.

So what can we do when things are so uncertain? Reducing stress levels provides significant benefits when thinking about preconception support. Here are some suggestions on how you can help reduce your stress:

Move Your Body

Incorporate some type of movement every single day! Walking, at-home yoga or pilates (there are so many great videos you can find online), bicycle rides, nature walks (keeping social distance), or getting started on your gardening.


This is so important for your physical and mental health! Try and get 7-8 hours every night and make bedtime before midnight. The body restores and heals itself while sleeping which strengthens your immune function.

Don't Skip Meals

Eat regularly throughout the day. Do you find you get more irritable or cranky when you’ve gone too long without eating? When your blood sugar levels drop you are going to feel more anxious and stressed.

Reduce or eliminate caffeine

Caffeine increases your cortisol levels (stress hormone), which makes you feel more stressed. If you are trying to conceive, it’s best to keep your caffeine consumption to a minimum or eliminate it completely.

Do things that bring you joy.

Find hobbies that make you happy. Finding joy in your day will increase your endorphins (your happy hormones) and decrease your stress levels. The simplest things can relax your nervous system. Listening to music you enjoy, a phone call with a friend, a warm bath, or just getting some fresh air.

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