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90-Day Preconception Program

What is a preconception program?

A preconception program focuses on the period of time prior to conception to improve your overall health and enhance the maturity and quality of the egg and sperm, which takes roughly 90-100 days.

It is so important to make sure different aspects of your health are supported before you conceive, especially prior to having an IUI or IVF.

What does the program entail?


Taking the right supplements can improve egg and sperm quality, as well as support a healthy uterine lining to help with implantation

Stress Management

Incorporating ways to decrease your stress can positively effect the way you respond to fertility treatment

This is a great way to support the reproductive organs by providing blood flow and oxygen, helps with ovulation and implantation. This is also a very relaxing way to help decrease stress.

Sleep Improvement

Making sure you are sleeping well and implementing the right strategies to get a good night sleep


Eating the right foods and understanding what things you should consume more and less of makes a big impact on conception and overall health

Discussing blood work, ultrasounds and other diagnostic tests that have or should be done.

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When should I begin this program?

This program can be started NOW! 

  • before you are considering starting a family

  • while you are in fertility treatment

  • if you are currently trying to conceive

This program is completely customized to support your individualized needs based on the information gathered during our consultation. It’s a one-on-one approach for you and your partner to give you optimal support and health improvements.

When this type of program is being used, it can significantly improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

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