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Lab / Blood Work Assessment

Why is blood work important?

When undergoing fertility treatment there can be an overwhelming amount of blood work, ultrasounds, and other testing that is required to collect all of the necessary information. All the pieces of the puzzle need to be gathered in order to complete the overall picture.

Donating Blood

Hormone Testing

In working with fertility doctors, I know and understand the tests that my patients are having done and can thoroughly analyze and help patients understand the results. I can then use this information to put together a personalized and individual Naturopathic treatment plan.


If you are just starting your fertility journey, or curious about what your hormone levels look like, I can provide you with a lab requisition (not covered under OHIP). This will help to better understand and assess your fertility.

Nutrient Testing

When trying to conceive, I encourage testing for vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B12 if this has not been done in recent months.

These nutrients are vital for getting pregnant and sustaining a healthy pregnancy so ruling out any deficiencies is important.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not intended to substitute for health professional medical advise, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advise of your medical doctor.

Blood Test
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