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Perinatal Care – Pregnancy & Postpartum

Perinatal care provides support to expectant mothers and their babies before, during, and immediately after childbirth to help ensure the health and well-being of both mom and baby.

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Prenatal Care

This typically starts early in the first trimester. During this time, it is important to support any symptoms you may be having in early pregnancy. We discuss what supplement regime you should be on, taking into consideration how you are feeling in the first trimester. Diet and nutrition ideas will also be discussed to help give you that foundational support.


Screenings and diagnostic tests are part of your first trimester workup. I help answer any questions you may have about prenatal genetic testing, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic procedures. Updates to blood work may also be recommended to ensure optimal nutrient levels such as iron, vitamin D, and more.

Once you are into your second trimester, your plan is updated to help support you through to your last trimester.

Labor and delivery care & postpartum care

When you are in your third trimester (around 30-32 weeks), we discuss how to best prepare for labour and delivery. This involves an update to your treatment plan that includes changes to your supplements and at-home preparations you can use to help you feel prepared and confident. This appointment will also cover postpartum care, so you are well equipped with a plan that supports healing, nutrition, breastfeeding tips, ways to boost mood, energy, and more. Those first few weeks can be overwhelming and hectic, so having the information beforehand gives you the time to prepare for what may be ahead.


The goal of perinatal care is to ensure the best possible outcome for mom and baby, promoting a healthy pregnancy, safe childbirth, and a positive start to life for the newborn. It is essential for expectant mothers to receive consistent and high-quality perinatal care to minimize the risks and complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

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