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Hormonal Disorders

When treating infertility it is imperative to investigate what hormonal imbalances are present and if that is associated with difficulty conceiving.

Once it has been determined that a condition or hormonal imbalance is present, the focus goes to treating that condition and making sure the proper support is in place. Using the proper supplements is the main treatment used but acupuncture and dietary changes are incorporated as well.

Common Conditions

The conditions I most commonly see in my practice are ones related to hormonal imbalances. This includes:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Thyroid Disorders

Pre Menstrual Symptoms


Primary Ovarian Insufficiency


Uterine fibroids

Irregular Periods


Fibrocystic breast disease


Often times when hormonal disorders are associated with infertility, it can be this focus on treatment that inevitably helps women get pregnant.


Regardless of whether you are trying to conceive or just focus on treating a condition, getting on the right supplement plan and creating the right changes in the diet can make significant changes in any one of the above mentioned disorders.

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