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Naturopathic Fertility In Toronto and Aurora

Natural Fertility Support to Help You Become Pregnant

Hi, I'm Dr. Irena Bergmann

Fertility Focused Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario

I have been working with couples trying to build their families for over 20 years, so I truly understand what you are going through. Feeling like you are not getting the right support leaves you feeling frustrated, lost, and defeated.

My patients often come to me feeling like they have no control over their fertility and limited confidence that they will ever have a baby. I know you are searching for answers and feel overwhelmed with all the information out there.

I will help empower you to take control of your fertility, answer your questions, and coach you throughout your journey. I have seen time and time again that addressing the areas of your health that need support, will help you achieve your goal of having a baby.

Dr. Irena Bergmann, ND
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Benefits of My Approach to Natural Fertility Treatments

  • Improve egg quality

  • Improve sperm quality

  • Help thicken uterine lining

  • Increase blood flow to reproductive organs

  • Decrease stress levels

  • Support implantation of embryo

  • Improve overall health

  • Balance hormones

Evidence-Based Individualized Fertility & Acupuncture Care in Ontario

You're in the right place and I can help if any of this sounds like you...

You want to feel more in control of your fertility journey

You want to go into your next IUI or IVF cycle feeling healthier

My 90 Day Preconception Care Program

The 90 Pre-Conception Program involves a 3-month individualized program to support and enhance your specific fertility needs. Here are some of the things we address throughout the program to significantly improve your chances of becoming pregnant. 

Here are some tips if you are thinking of trying to conceive this year. 

Click play to learn some valuable things you should consider incorporating into your daily routine. 

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Dr. Irena Bergmann, ND

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My Office Locations:
Pollin Fertility

‍2360 Yonge St., 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M4P

P: (416) 342-3552

Aurora Massage & Chiropractic Wellness

150 Hollidge Boulevard, Unit C3
Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 8A3

P: (905) 727-4400

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